Friday, 23 June 2017

Shining Bright ~ Our 2017 Concert and Graduation

Our annual concert and graduation is always the crowning glory to our time spent together.  The event is a highlight for the children, the parents and the teachers.  For the children, particularly the graduates, it is a night that will live on in their memories long after our time together is over. 

After weeks of preparation, the day had arrived!  The children had been singing so beautifully at school.  We knew they were ready for their audience.

Two of our former graduates greeted our guests and handed out the programs.

One of Our Hostesses - June 2016 Graduate M.

One of Our Hostesses - June 2012 Graduate M.

As the children gathered in the foyer, there were smiles and a few cases of cold feet.  Mrs. L., our Music teacher, gave our voices a bit of a warm up.

Our audience was ready ...

Our Audience

 and so were we.  On with the show!

Mrs. L. led the first songs.

Hello To All The Children Of The World

Madame D. led the French songs.

Un Chandail a Pois

Mrs. M. led our next song.

Mrs. M. and the Children

Mrs. P. started the children on the final songs.

The children singing the final songs.

The children sang the songs magnificently!  We were overwhelmed by the beauty of their voices, their passion and their enthusiasm.  It was a lovely concert. 

After our songs, the stage belonged to our graduates.  We could not be prouder of our graduates.  Although it is sad to say good bye to them, they are more than ready for the next step.  The future awaits. 

Our 2017 Graduates

Cake time!

Congratulations Graduates!

The graduates had a little surprise for us.  They bought us some wonderful new toys for our soccer field!  Thank you to our graduates and their families.

A Present From The Graduates

The children couldn't wait to play with them the next day at school.

Thank you, graduates!

Thank you to the children and all the family members and friends for making this such a special night.

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